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Senior Thesis
Healthy Horizons Learning Center

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, students across the country have been forced to switch to online, at-home learning. Because of this, there are many contributing factors that have caused a decline in student success. Some of these issues, particularly among rural students, include not having adequate access to materials, devices, or the internet. What materials students have access to can be detrimental to their education. All students should have easy access to the materials and resources that they need to succeed in their education during the COVID-19 pandemic. School districts in rural areas may struggle to provide sufficient resources for all of their students and families may not have access to everything their children need to continue their education at home. Not having the proper resources will not only cause the student to possibly fall behind, but it could contribute to their mental wellbeing.

Located in the Federal Hocking School district in Southeast, Ohio, this project contains three elements converted into working spaces during the pandemic. The parts include a unit within the existing secondary school building, a semi-permanent structure that can be relocated if needed, and a mobile unit that can be relocated at any time. By having three different types of units, students all over the district will have easier access to the materials they need in order to succeed. The Healthy Horizons Learning Center allows schools to provide an open space for educators to collaborate with their students during the COVID-19 pandemic. By prioritizing the students' success and health, it aims to provide interactive features as well as technology in order for each student to have every chance they can to strive for success in school. By incorporating mobile and stationary units, the center aims to provide every resource a student may not already have access to so that they can excel in their education.

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